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ISIC seminars

Beside the main reason for the ISIC seminars, which is to inform, discuss, learn and decide, lectures and other events have sometimes been arranged during a seminar weekend. Here is a summary since the official international cooperation started.

October 24th 2020  On Skype







27-29 of October 2019  Iceland



26-28 of October 2018  Copenhagen Denmark 


27.-29. of October 2017 Ewerett, Washington / USA:


Minutes from ISIC-seminar 2017 (the minutes – )

6.-7. of August 2016 Ulricehamn / Sweden:


Minutes from ISIC-seminar 2016 (the minutes – )


23.-25. of October 2015 Iceland / Kópavogur:


Minutes from ISIC-seminar 2015 (the minutes – )


24.- 26. of October 2014 Sweden:

ISIC seminar 2014








Minutes from ISIC-seminar 2014 (the minutes – )


25.-27. of October 2013 Denmark / Copenhagen:

ISIC seminar 2013










Minutes from ISIC-seminar 2014 (the minutes – )


26.-28. of October 2012 Norway / Oslo:

ISIC seminar 2012

Artificial insemination in dogs, Ragnar Thomassen (the presentation –  10,6 Mb)

Sustainable dog breeding, Kristin Wear Prestrud (the presentation –  3,3 Mb)

Herding with Icelandic sheepdogs, Cecilia Persson (the presentation –  5,3 Mb)


2011 the Netherland / Utrecht:

ISIC the Netherland / Utrecht 2011

An overall study about Genetic Coservation.
Lecture by Dr. Pieter Oliehoek (the presentation –  5,7 Mb)


2010 Finland / Helsinki:

ISIC Iceland / Helsinki 2010

An overall study about Colour and Health Problems in the breed.
Lecture by Dr. Kirsi Sainio (the presentation –  0,5 Mb)

2009 Iceland / Reykjavik::

ISIC Iceland / Reykjavik 2009

The ISIC database and the data programme Lathunden. Information and Work Shop by ISIC/Database responsible Gudni Águstsson and May Britt Sannerholt ISIC/Breeding Com.
ISIC Lathunden course (material –  1,7 Mb)

2008 Denmark / Copenhagen:

ISIC Denmark / Copenhagen 2008

2007 Denmark / Copenhagen:

ISIC Denmark / Copenhagen 2005

MH and breed mentality
Report by Ulla Sonne, MH describer ISIC/MH Com.
MHC class II diversity in Icelandic Sheepdog.
Preliminary master thesis report by Alina Niskanen. (report –  45 Kb)

2006 Denmark / Copenhagen:

How is todays breed situation and how to preserve the small Icelandic Sheepdog population?
Lecture by Dr. Per-Erik Sundgren. (report –  5,5 Mb)

2005 Denmark / Copenhagen:

ISIC Denmark / Copenhagen 2005

2004 Denmark / Copenhagen.

2003 Germany / Bad Malente:

A study about Cryptorchism
Lecture by Dr. Reiner Beuing. (report–  1,5 Mb)

2002 Finland / Helsinki:

ISIC Finland / Helsinki 2002

Dog Show.

2001 Sweden / Malmö:

Database polic, organisation and small population Breeding
Lecture by Dr. Lennart Swenson

2000 Norway / Vormsund:

Boat trip at the river Glomma.

1999 Denmark / Ringe:

Mental description (MH)
Introduction and demonstration “in real life” of the Danish MH by Carsten Henriksen.
Icelandic Sheepdog as a small population Introduction and presentation of a population study by Pieter Oliehook.
Dog Show.

1998 the Netherlands / Oss:

Inherited disease in purebred dog populations: Predictions based on common ancestry – Lecture by Dr. Geert Ubbink.
Dog Show.

1997 Iceland / Reykjavík:

ISIC Iceland / reykjavik 1997

An account of the Honorable Mark Watson Lecture by Hilmar Foss
The Icelandic Dog: colour, character and names
Lecture by Dr. Phil. Gudrun Kvaran, The Icelandic Dog in Art and Illustration Lecture by Aðalsteinn Ingólfsson.
Dog Show.

1996 Sweden / Bjuv:

ISIC Sweden / Bjuv 1996

Forming an international cooperation for future preservation of the Icelandic Sheepdog?
Introduction by Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen / HRFÍ and DÍF.
Mental description (MH) Presentation and ”hands out” in English by Brith Andersson / SKK/SBK.
Dog Show.