Meny Lukk

Lectures and articles

Lectures and articles

Mean Kinship – What, Why and How. Lecture by PhD Peer Berg. (the presentation – 5,6 Mb)

Coat colours in Icelandic Sheepdog. Lecture by Wilma Roem (the presentation – 2,5 Mb)

Breeding Icelandic Sheepdog. Lecture by Wilma Roem (the presentation – 0,8 Mb)
Artificial insemination in dogs, Ragnar Thomassen (the presentation – 10,6 Mb)
Sustainable dog breeding, Kristin Wear Prestrud (the presentation – 3,3 Mb)
Herding with Icelandic sheepdogs, Cecilia Persson (the presentation – 5,3 Mb)

An overall study about Genetic Coservation. Lecture by Dr. Pieter Oliehoek (the presentation – 5,7 Mb)

An overall study about Colour and Health Problems in the breed. Lecture by Dr. Kirsi Sainio (the presentation – 0,5 Mb)

The ISIC database and the data programme Lathunden. Information and Work Shop by ISIC/Database responsible Gudni Águstsson and May Britt Sannerholt ISIC/Breeding Com.
ISIC Lathunden course (material – 1,7 Mb)

MH and breed mentality Report by Ulla Sonne, MH describer ISIC/MH Com. MHC class II diversity in Icelandic Sheepdog. Preliminary master thesis report by Alina Niskanen. (report – 45 Kb)

How is todays breed situation and how to preserve the small Icelandic Sheepdog population? Lecture by Dr. Per-Erik Sundgren. (report – 5,5 Mb)

A study about Cryptorchism Lecture by Dr. Reiner Beuing. (the presentation  – 1,5 Mb)